If you’re a fan of baseball, you are one of two types of fans.

You are either a traditionalist, that believes the game should unfold how it has for a long time, with respect and composure being valued qualities in the game. Or you are a new wave fan that believes in speeding the game up and adding personality and flair.

These two types of fans don’t agree on lots of things, but the most obvious is showboating via bat flips, watching your home run, or… push ups?

Royce Lewis is a prospect in the Minnesota Twins system, currently playing for Fort Myers Miracle. During a game against the Bradenton Marauders, Lewis had a new showboating tactic that caught some attention.



After the interesting double, it was clear the Marauders weren’t happy. Later in the game Lewis was up to bat again, and the pitch wasn’t anywhere near an area he could replicate the earlier double. In fact, the pitch went behind him.



As has become the case whenever a player showboats, fans immediately got involved in the conversation. Some say Lewis deserved to be pitched at, other believe the ejections were warranted. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter.



(H/T Star Tribune)