Sports are all about the hypotheticals.

Fans are always arguing who the real GOAT of their favourite sport is but there always seems to be one glaring issue; the players competed in different eras. How can one possibly justify a certain star was the best in his/her sport when they essentially played two different versions of the game? The truth is, they can’t. BUT, there’s an angle around this debate that could help make things a bit easier.

What if you used the consensus top two players from a team, one retired and one current, and matched them up against a separate team’s top two? We got things cooking with the most obvious starting point: The Penguins duo of Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby vs. Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid.


The debate afterward seemed endless. While some fans were able to make up their mind, others had, well, a bit more difficulty.


We let the people decide in a poll and the results have so far been in favour of the Oilers with just hours left to vote. 


This idea got us thinking. Why stop here?

Every team in the league’s boasted loads of talent, so we've decided that we're going to make a bracket of our own over the next several weeks. There are a couple of rules to keep in mind, though:

  1. The players selected are the best to play in each CITY. For example: Teemu Selanne would hypothetically be matched with Winnipeg rather than the Jets franchise that moved to Arizona. Further, a Minnesota North Stars player would be aligned with a Minnesota Wild player.
  2. A player CAN be used for more than one team. Gretzky, for example, may represent both the Oilers and Los Angeles Kings.

We could go on and on about these but soon it'll be time for you to decide. Who will you be going with?