The 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championships in Chinese Taipei and the home town team had an eventful ending to their game against China.

At the end of the game a game which China won 4-0, one player on China levels a Chinese Taipei player. After the hit is laid, everybody grabs a partner (or two) and starts throwing haymakers. The crowd was throwing something else entirely as they began to hurl objects at the players as they swarmed around centre ice.

You can see at the end of the video, the kids on China’s team bring their flag over and start waving it at the crowd as they continue to throw things at them.

China has been the roughest toughest place for hockey in recent months (at least on video), as we’ve seen several other brawls in different levels of hockey in China. Earlier in the season we saw a maniac on the loose in the KHL and more recently there was a benches-clearing brawl after two brutal slashes.


The KHL preseason is wild. (YouTube/Mediasport)

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