You’d think Daniel and Henrik Sedin would be enjoying their down time as they head into their first summer without having to train rigorously for an upcoming hockey season.

The Vancouver Canucks all-time point leaders just wrapped up their 17th and final season in the NHL, and it appears the twins are planning to stay in tip top shape.

According to an article in the Vancouver Courier, Daniel and Henrik raced in the 15th annual Iron Knee 25 km race in North Vancouver, B.C., and they’re finishing time is pretty Sedin-like.

Daniel finished one spot ahead of his brother at 15th overall, but the disparitry in time between the two will come as no surprise to those that have followed them their whole careers.

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They finished only two second apart – 2:33:54 for Daniel, while Henrik came in at a time of 2:33:56. Pretty crazy when you think that they wore No. 22 and No. 33, too. You may remember when Daniel scored a goal 33 seconds in the 2nd period in their final ever home game in Vancouver for his 22nd of the season. Daniel later scored his 23rd for the overtime winner 2:33 into the overtime for his 2nd of the game. 

Are the Sedin’s trolling us with the with the numbers “2” and “33” coming up time and time again, or is this some crazy twin telepathy stuff? 

(h/t Daniel Wagner/Vancouver Courier)