Danny Green was probably kind of over-looked in the Kawhi Leonard/DeMar DeRozan deal, but in his new podcast he explains how he will have an impact on the team.

Green posted his first episode of the new “Inside the Green Room” podcast, co-hosted by Danny and Harrison Sanford. They do their best to encourage Green to offer an inside look of a current NBA veteran and they started at the perfect time. With Kawhi still not speaking to any Toronto media and a lot of questions remaining about the whole exchange, a lot of people were interested to hear Greens outlook on the move.

First things first, he seems very excited to play in Toronto. It’s closer to home (He was born and raised in New York) and he seems to like the direction of the team. He then expresses optimism about how him and Kawhi will impact the team and how they’ll work together in the future.

(This part starts at about the 10:40 minute mark)

“My biggest part in this play is to get Kawhi on board and get the rest of those young guys on board and let them know how to become a championship team…

I’m here for one year. If they love me, hopefully I’ll be back for more years. And hopefully we can get Kawhi back for more years. I think we have an opportunity to do something really special. We have a pretty good frontcourt and our backcourt as well. Defensively I think we could be monsters. When me, Kawhi, Serge, Valanciunas, OG – he’s a young guy coming up – I think that’s where it starts is the defensive end.

And obviously, Kyle is an all-star point guard, I think everybody forgets how good that guy is.”

Listening to the podcast, Green seems like he’s actually hoping to stay in Toronto long term and if he’s already so positive about the move, it may offer some credibility to the reports that people believe Kawhi will love Toronto.

He definitely looked happier than people expected in his first appearance in Toronto.



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