Although the NBA season just ended this month and we haven’t even gotten to free agency or the draft yet, the league is already preparing for the start of next season in order to accommodate for an unusual sports schedule this year.

One possibility that has been reported is that the league will restart play on December 22nd. However, if that happens, it leaves players with a very short turnaround between seasons — just two months between games for the Los Angeles Lakers — and the league doesn’t plan to play in a bubble next season, which could also be a factor.

For Danny Green, he thinks that the short turnaround could result in many players choosing to sit out — especially among the Lakers, who have more veteran players on the roster than most. He thinks LeBron, specifically, would sit out the first month to manage wear and tear on his body.

"I think most guys, if they say we start in December, I think they'll be like, ‘I'm not going to be there.’ If I had to guess," said Green on the Ringer NBA Show.

You can see why the NBA would want a return to normalcy as soon as possible, but asking these athletes to play in what are very hectic and unusual times on such a short turnaround has to be a consideration too.

Of course, we would love to see basketball back, but when exactly that happens seems to be very up in the air at the current moment.



Multiple reports on when the next NBA season could start

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