Toronto Raptors point guard Delon Wright navigates the high level of competition on the court and amongst his peers in the world of personal style.

On the latest edition of Cabbie Presents, the Raptors’ first round selection in the 2015 NBA Draft joins Cabbie to discuss certain things in the fashion world including the "Canadian Tuxedo".

Wright also crowns the NBA’s “Fashion King”, names a few of his “looks” during a deep dive of his Instagram feed, and grades the outfits of his rivals LeBron James (in a Thom Brown short suit), PJ Tucker (shirtless in lavender), Nick Young (in a robe), James Harden (wearing a fanny pack) in the Delon Wright Fashion Guide.

The 26-year-old is heading into his fourth season with the Raptors and is hoping he and the rest of the Bench Mob can help the Raptors make a serious push next season. Here’s a throwback to one of the Bench Mob’s previous meetings with Cab.