It takes skill to be an NBA player.

Not to mention being a four-time All-Star, Olympic gold medalist, and World Cup champion.

But is takes SERIOUS skill to get tossed out of a game that you’re not even dressed for.

Yeah, DeMarcus Cousins is that guy.



Cousins, looking sharp in a suit and flashy gold glasses, was seen exiting the court at Madison Square Gardens after getting into a heated argument with referee Scott Foster, and being assessed a technical foul. It’s important to remember that Cousins has yet to play a game for the Warriors, as he’s been sidelined with a torn Achilles since he signed with Golden State.

So, for the time being, this is his only stat as a Warrior.





Not generally how you want to start things off, but, on the bright side, everything Cousins does from here on out can be seen as improvement.

(H/T Twitter)