Perhaps no player has endured more hardship over the years than Cleveland Cavaliers point-guard Derrick Rose.

The 2008 first overall pick was once an NBA MVP, and is now trying to carve himself a role on a championship team. Before being traded to the Cavs, Rose spent his best years with the Chicago Bulls before he eventually moved to New York to play with the Knicks. In the Big Apple, Rose was unable to find his vintage game.

While many of Rose’s American fans have expressed their anger over his regression, his fans oversea have remained loyal. The 28-year-old is in the midst of a promotional tour, and was brought to tears after he was shown a video made in his honour.


Who knew the guy had such a huge following in China? Rose was clearly touched by the video, as he was captured crying after watching it.



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This had to have been a huge boost of confidence for a player who has endured more injuries than most. If things don’t work out in Cleveland, at least Rose knows he’ll likely be embraced with open arms if he chooses to play in a league in China.

Touching stuff.