The penalty box is one of the few places in the game of hockey that fans can have an extreme close up shot and the chance to interact with either their favourite players, or the ones they most despise.

Over the years, we’ve seen countless incidents where a fan has engaged with an NHL player over by the sin bin. Without going overboard, players often use a water bottle to troll fans, or once in a while, the competition.

Some encounters are fun and humorous, while others have crossed the line completely.




During Thursday’s game between the Capitals and Wild from Minnesota, Caps forward Devante Smith-Pelley was assessed a penalty and was ordered to go spend time in hockey's version of a time out.

Hearing it from a heckler, Smith-Pelley decided to have some fun with the Wild fan and soaked him right through the crack in the plexiglass.

Note to those that close to penalty boxes: Don’t mess with DSP, because he may just troll you back. Something tells us that fan wouldn't have opened up his mouth had the glass not been there to separate the two.

(h/t NBC Sports Washington)