It’s been a little while since Brad Marchand made a ton of waves for all the wrong reasons during playoffs last season. He did so by way of putting his mouth all over opposing players, whether it was through licks or kisses. Apparently Vancouver Canucks tough guy Antoine Roussel took a page out of Marchand’s book before taking the ice on Friday night.

In fact, he wrote a whole chapter of that book; Biting.

Playing against the San Jose Sharks, a slow-motion replay of a dust up between the two teams appears to show Roussel biting Sharks defenceman Marc-Edouard Vlasic. It’s pretty darn clear, in fact…


Not what you want to become known for. It looks as though Roussel is reacting to Vlasic banging a fist up against his ear, which would no doubt be uncomfortable, but biting someone’s hand as a result seems like it may not go over too well with the public.


Once again, certainly not what you want to become known for. Guys like Mike Tyson and Luis Suarez know all too well.


(H/T r/sweepla3)