The Flyers have kept thing pretty simple throughout their history. Black, orange and white have been the franchise’s colour since its birth, but did you know they almost threw in an alternate jersey that feature the same colours… with teal on it?!


As ‘The Liberty Line’ pointed out, Philly nearly introduced a third jersey for the 1995-96 season designed by Ken Loh, the same artist who created the infamous Patriots Flying Elvis logo. First, let’s take a look at the logo itself…


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And now… the jersey. This could contend for the single worst sweater in NHL history, like what was the thought process behind this one?


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Well, we’re all lucky these didn’t come to fruition!

The Flyers, to this day, have one of the best jerseys in the league and we’re all glad these eyes sores didn’t tarnish their legacy at all. What a weird jersey.

(H/T The Liberty Line)