Like many hockey players growing up in Canada, Jib Street grew up idolizing Wayne Gretzky, but after his heart stopped pumping in a recent rec game, Street now has a true hockey hero.

Street lives in Pineville, North Carolina and plays recreational hockey at the Pineville Ice House. Back in January, Street suffered cardiac arrest during a game, collapsed on the ice and was pulseless for over five minutes.

Thankfully, an ER doctor just so happened to be playing in the game. Dr. Craig Bryant immediately performed CPR on Street, and with the help of an AED, Street's life was saved.

Courtesy of Fox 46 Charlotte, footage of the haunting incident was captured on the camera inside the rink. Fox 46's Will Kunkel sat down with Bryant and Street for an exclusive interview in what they called a "miracle on the ice" that aired on February 9th.

"When I did see the video a couple of days ago, it is difficult to watch yourself go down and lie motionless on the ice, Street explained to FOX 46.

"The gratitude comes from how fast this guy responded-- that’s the miracle. I’m skating with an emergency room doctor."

"This is my guardian angel.”

To show his incredible appreciation towards Dr. Bryant, Street presented him with a signed Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers jersey.

"I love you, man. Thank you so much."

As mentioned in the report, had collapsed Street somewhere else away from the ice, it's conceivable the Canadian wouldn't be with us today.

(h/t FOX 46's Will Kunkel)