Kenta Maeda came over from the JPCL last season after signing a contract with Dodgers that could be worth over $100 million (dependent on several incentives).

Transfer players like Maeda earn a lot of hype coming over and he has lived up to them so far. He pitched excellent last season, ending the year with a 3.48 ERA and 3.3 WAR. He also seems to be an extremely marketable player, as he is always willing to have fun. If you ask his interpreter, he’s probably too willing to have fun.

His interpreter has learned that first hand as he has been scared by Maeda over and over.

Yesterday, Maeda posted his latest prank.


As we mentioned, this wasn’t the first time this happened, and the Dodgers compiled a video to show you all of Maeda’s best scares.

Maeda is a prankster through and through. Even when it’s not his interpreter, he’s out pranking teams of children by dressing up like an old man and throwing them the gas.

(H/T to Cut4