BarDownloadable is back with another NHL22 draft video!

Recently, you saw the BarDown squad draft the most expensive team possible using the NHL22 draft mode. Understandably, the team went on to be pretty successful.

To make things a little more challenging, Marissa decided to add a profound obstacle to the draft process. Eric, Luca, and Corwin would still co-draft an NHL franchise together, except they would have to do so without communicating with each other.

That means you don’t know which positions have been drafted, you don’t know which players have been drafted, and you have no idea what other draft strategies are in play.

Oh, and one more thing… there’s a salary cap this time.



Watching the guys try to figure out each other’s psychology is pretty entertaining, but they actually ended up with a pretty decent squad. There was balance amongst the positions, and they ended up simulating a very successful season all thing considered.

Unfortunately, they fell victim to a stacked Habs team that featured Auston Matthews (weird) and Igor Shesterkin (also weird).

As a bonus treat, hockey wasn’t the only sport included. Eric made sure to toss in some golf, basketball, and darts.

If you want to check out the most expensive team video, watch along here!