The Toronto Raptors had many reasons to celebrate, after winning Game 1 of their first round playoff series against the Washington Wizards. It was, after all, a Game 1, and those have caused the Raptors all kind of grief in the past.

Before that, however, the Raptors took a moment to remember the 16 victims of the Humboldt bus crash, which included many members of the Junior A Broncos team.

When Drake, who was notably seen wearing a Humboldt jersey at the Raptors game, dropped by the team’s locker room, he removed the jersey and asked for the team to sign it. Laid over top of the team’s floor logo, each member of the Raptors knelt to add their signature.

This touching moment was caught on camera by Open Gym:



💛💚’s only in these comments #humboldtstrong

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There has been no shortage of unity demonstrated in the hockey community, in all of sport and throughout Canada to honour their fallen members, and this latest gesture by Drake, who is uniquely situated in the sport and pop culture landscape, brings a considerable amount of influence and reach. There is no word yet on what he intends to do with the jersey, whether or not he plans to auction it for charity, but even the gesture will mean a lot to a lot of people, and hopefully, it will mean something to the friends and family of the Humboldt victims too.

h/t @Raptors on Twitter