The Toronto Raptors will tip off their postseason campaign on Saturday, facing the 8th-seeded Washington Wizards. The Wizards, however, are no ordinary 8-seed — John Wall missed about two months, precipitating a rough stretch that ended with Washington losing nine of its last 12 games.

The Wizards will have Wall active against the Raptors, however, so the Raptors needed to call up a big gun of their own for Game 1. He isn’t much of a basketball player, but he’s been known to open things with free smoke before:

So this is what a global team ambassador does. Drake has never been shy about exchanging shots with NBA players — ever the socialite, he could be friendly to many of the Raptors’ opponents, who are often among his friends. But be nice for what?

Still, the opt-in ahead of Game 1 is a strong look. Drake has the tendency to come and go from his staple courtside seat, but the hype for the Raptors this year must be really real.

We’ll see how the Raptors fare against the Wizards, a compelling matchup no doubt, but it seems safe to say that many are looking forward to the prospect of testing the Cleveland Cavaliers. Drake versus LeBron, a big mood.

h/t SLAM Magazine on Twitter