When we first found out rapper, singer, and songwriter Drake would be hosting the 2017 NBA Awards in New York City, we prepared for the best. We had found memories of the 2014 ESPYs, where he put in a crazy amount of effort, and surprised a lot of people with his ability to host an award show. A person may not like Drake’s music, but they have to give it to him, he’s a pretty self-aware and funny host.

On top of his hosting ability, the NBA Awards in particular seemed like a spot Drake could shine. The rapper has a lot of connections to basketball, including being the Toronto Raptors’ global ambassador, friends with a plethora of NBA superstars, and references the sport a whole lot in his music.

On Monday night, Drizzy opened the show with a bang, getting comedian Will Ferrell to help him explain to NBA player how to clean up their celebratory handshakes.

The rapper then took aim at the NBA superstars, coming at Draymond Green and the Brooklyn Nets in his monologue.

Drake then had a funny skit commenting on how players bring their childen to post-game pressers.