Toronto hip hop star Drake has once again reminded his fans about his impressive ping pong skills.

Through numerous viral videos, the 31-year-old has proven to be quite the athlete in the past, particularly in the sport of basketball.

Recently, the rapper proved that he can shoot just as well on a table as he can on a court after an intense ping pong rally he participated in went viral. After numerous impressive forehands, Drake eventually came out on top.


Hotline Ping. 🏓: @champagnepapi #hsmusic

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From his serve to the vicious return he made for his last shot, the Toronto Raptors’ Global Ambassador demonstrated that he’s quite the competitor when it comes to the sport. This isn’t the first time he’s shown that, as other videos of him in action have also surfaced. A notable one includes a matchup he had with Basketball Hall of Famer Reggie Miller, who ultimately won in a come-from-behind victory.


Studio breaks getting serious. Two hand backhand courtesy of @jetbentlee

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While Drake excels at sports involving his hands, he can’t exactly say the same when it comes to the ones that require using feet. In 2015, his attempt at kicking a soccer ball went horribly wrong and accidentally shattered a lamp.

If you have the good fortune of running into Drake and there coincidentally happens to be a ping pong table in the room, ask him to rally, because it doesn’t seem as though he would turn down the challenge.

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