The Golden State Warriors unceremoniously swept the Cleveland Cavaliers out of the NBA Finals, and during Tuesday’s championship parade, Draymond Green revealed that he had extra words for Tristan Thompson after the final buzzer.

“There’s a lot of guys in this league, they soft. We just cut from a different cloth. We just ain’t cut the same. I told one of them dudes from the Cavs after the game, he tried to shake my hand. I said, ‘Tristan, we ain’t cut the same.'” —Draymond Green

We found video! As it turns out, a lot more was said than ‘we ain’t cut the same.’

Warning: NSFW language follows.

Does this veer into classlessness? Possibly, but Draymond has always been one to keep it real and speak his mind, so for those who long for the open feuding of the 1990’s, this one’s for you. We remember Game 1, too, when the two were engaged in a bit of scuffle in the game’s final seconds:

After four consecutive seasons of meeting in the Finals, it’s no surprise that some rivalries have been fostered over the years. If LeBron James bolts this summer in free agency and basketball in June finally sees a new matchup, we’ll at least miss the existing beefs.

h/t Twitter/NBCSWarriors