Out of every player in the NBA, Kevin Durant probably receives the largest amount of chirps on social media platforms from fans. There's no real way to measure that, but considering his level of notoriety that came following his move to the Warriors and his penchant for replying to trolls online, it seems more than likely that he ranks high on the list.

Apparently Durant has grown tired of fans trying to reach out to him and explain what he can do differently to help guide the Warriors back into first place in the West following Stephen Curry's injury. At least that's what you would have to assume after seeing the message he put in his Instagram story.



Durant was pretty active online on Monday, as he also took time out of his day to reply to a few fans who questioned why he liked Richard Sherman's tweet about his departure from the Seahawks.


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Honestly, at this point, Durant would probably be better off just avoiding social media. NEVER ENGAGE THE TROLLS, KD!