Cleveland and Toronto were hoping to renew their baseball rivalry once again on Saturday, but unfortunately for both sides Mother Nature had other plans.

Progressive Field fell victim to rainy conditions that have taken over much of the Northern States and Canada, and with the ballpark being an open air stadium the game got rained out. With the hunger for competition still apparently burning deep in the players, they decided to spark up a different kind of battle. Battle Royale. While the popular video game may be a staple in some clubhouses, the team had bigger ideas on their mind.



Yup, the team streamed Fortnite through their Jumbotron to pass the time. When the rain comes, you have to stay entertained somehow, right? It’s not the first time we’ve seen teams get creative while their waiting out the weather.



Even when the weather is holding up, Fortnite still seems to be making its way into baseball culture. The iconic dances are one form of celebration that players have used to bring the game to life.