For all those of you who have a driver's license we ask you this one question: did you ever get to learn how to drive in a Ferrari? Because Dwyane Wade's son did.

Saturday, the Chicago Bulls guard took to Snapchat to share a special father-son moment between him and his 15-year-old-son Zaire. While most of us got our first driving lessons in some sort of regular everyday sedan, Zaire got the chance to learn in his dad's Ferrari. No pressure, right? Well, Zaire was understandably nervous, and as Dwyane made clear, he should've been nervous as he was driving a Ferrari after all. 

Definitely not the kind of car you want to accidentally drive through your family garage. Zaire may have proved that he can safely drive a Ferrari around, but he probably shouldn't expect to own one himself, as Dwyane made it pretty clear earlier in the year that when it came to his son's car, modest was the way to go.

As for what the Wade's would define as "modest," who knows, but it's probably not the 2003 two-door Honda Civic you're thinking of.

 H/T: FTW USA Today