The city of San Francisco and the Bay Area surrounding the city was hit with a magnitude-3.5 earthquake on Monday night.

Moments after opening pitch at AT&T Park between the Giants and visiting Cincinnati Reds, the ‘quake caused the NBC cameras to shake the frame with Joey Votto at the plate. Nobody really seemed to notice except for maybe the cameraman after his camera started shaking because of the geological event. 

The quake came in at 7:18 local time (PT), as per the United States Geological Survey. The game went on as if nothing happened, but once Bay Area sports star sure felt it.

Back in 1989, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 rocked the California city and its surroundings, forcing the postponement of Game 3 of the World Series against their cross-town rival Oakland Athletics after tons of structural damage was found across the Bay Area.

(h/t SI)