If you’re able to build a custom ODR in your backyard you’re one of the lucky ones.

If you’re able to combine your backyard with your neighbour’s backyard for an even larger ODR, you’re even luckier.

Reddit user palmerry recently shared a photo of an ODR in Red Deer, Alberta, and it might be the nicest set-up we’ve ever seen.


ODR GOALS 😍 . Two houses in Red Deer, Alberta, join backyards for the ultimate ODR. It even has a terraced viewing deck, a hot tub and a grill! . (📷: u/palmerry)

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It’s not only one of the largest ODR we’ve seen - that doesn't belong to an NHL player - but it has the most professional set-up for the ultimate fan experience. Whether you want to eat some food from the grill or watch the action from the hot tub, they’ve got you covered.

We know it’s still a little early for outdoor rinks - depending where you are - but we’d love to see your set-up! If you want your ODR shared on our page, send us some photos or videos of the rink our way!