Eddie Lack is one of the most honest athletes on Twitter, often sharing out some pretty funny and surprising tidbits, so who better for Canucks fans to learn about their newest signing from.

Wyatt Arndt, a hockey writer in Vancouver, decided to reach out to Lack via Twitter and ask what he remembers from playing against him in the 2015 NHL playoffs. At the time, Lack was on the Canucks and Ferland was on the Flames, so a natural rivalry was already there. So, being the honest guy that he is on Twitter, Lack answered pretty straight up: He hated him.

Well, to be clear, he hated him on the ice. Off the ice, he’s apparently the “nicest guy ever”.

That impression goes back to the popular hockey saying that he’s a guy that you hate on the other team, but you love him when he’s on yours. It’s players like Nazem Kadri, Brad Marchand, Drew Doughty and many others that can get under the skin of opponents, but also be an effective player.

Now we just want to hear Carey Price’s opinion on Chris Kreider.