We’re starting to wonder if there’s anything that Vancouver Canucks superstar Elias Pettersson can’t do on the ice.

The 21-year-old can rip a puck more than 100 miles per hour, set up goals with his eyes closed, and apparently… play goalie? Pettersson was spotted in goaltending equipment and while we can’t confirm whether he was actually good or not, we can all agree that he looks like a natural in the bulkier gear.


Leave it to Petey to make the pictures look kind of artsy. Lookin like a young Henrik Lundqvist!

Player, goalie, pro-golfer? Apparently the dude is pretty skilled off the ice as well. Petey's just out here making us all feel like a bunch of useless squids.



Elias Pettersson: Multi-Sport Athlete 😂 . (📽: @_eliaspettersson)

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Find something this dude can’t do, we dare you. Lookin good out there bud!

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