When you hear the name ‘Elias Pettersson’, the first things that come to mind are probably his filthy mitts or wicked shot. Definitely not penalties. The guy did only have 10 PIMs heading into Saturday’s matinee against the Buffalo Sabres for crying out loud. But EP40 did something so obscure after taking one that we can’t help but talk about it a bit more.

The 21-year-old clearly tripped Sabres centre Rasmus Asplund in the second period and rather than trying to get away with it, Pettersson did the unthinkable and called the penalty on himself. This is a bizarre world we live in people!!!!


If that doesn’t Pettersson the Lady Byng award then what will?!

Fortunately for the Swede, the call didn’t prove to be costly as the Sabres failed to score on the ensuing power play. Pettersson finished the contest with an assist in the Canucks 6-3 win so it’s all worth laughing about now, but still… calling a penalty… on yourself?!


Please Petey, don’t ever change.


(H/T Vanessa Jang/Twitter)