It’s the holiday season and San Jose Sharks defenceman Erik Karlsson is feeling festive.

Maybe a bit too festive…

He and his Melinda shared a nice little photo on Instagram themed to everyone’s favourite holiday movie; The Grinch! In front of a beautiful tree drenched in ornaments, the two posed as the main characters from the movie; The Grinch and the adorable Cindy-Lou Who. There’s was just one noticeable part of the picture… Erik dressed as the girl and Melinda looked like the dude! It made for what will in all likelihood turn out to be the best Christmas photo you see this month… or ever for that matter.


That’s quite the doo Erik!!!!

Funny enough, Karlsson hasn’t been the only hockey player to don gear from a Christmas movie. How ‘bout the Vancouver Giants, who rocked these unreal Buddy the Elf jerseys? Some of the nicest tarps we’ve ever seen.


And then there’s this epic jersey that will always go down as one of the best in history.


Just awesome.

We’re still 10 days away from the big day so keep your eyes open for more photos like this one\. Gotta give it to the Karlssons for showing some serious ambition!

(H/T Erik Karlsson)