As if getting swept in the NBA Finals wasn’t enough for LeBron James to deal with, he had to face a bit of extra shade from the police at the Golden State Warriors’ championship parade on Tuesday. The officer escorts decided to place a... distinct image of LeBron across the front of their vehicle.


The officers at the #Warriors parade were something else 😂 • (📷: Twitter/ACSOSheriffs)

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It’s all in a bit of good fun, of course, but we definitely enjoy the officers using their position to get a joke off. You see, this is actually just another way to unite the community, and rally all peoples under the banner of 'Crying LeBron'.

After a championship is done and decided, the way that winners and losers can interact are many. This particular joke aside, the Warriors had plenty of praise for LeBron after the series, and vice versa. In a similar vein, the Washington Capitals took a moment from celebrating their own title to congratulate the Vegas Golden Knights on a remarkable season with a full-page ad in a Las Vegas newspaper.


Neither the NBA nor the NHL’s champions have anything on this high school pitcher, however, who captured the hearts of the Internet when he struck out his best friend to advance to the state championship -- and consoled him with a hearty hug before even beginning to celebrate.

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