Alright, let’s play a little word association game. Tell me what you instantly think of when I yell out (as in type in all caps) a word. 3, 2, 1…


Did you think of Finnish Bucket Sneaking? Well, maybe you should have. Apparently it’s a sport.


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There is a real Facebook event marking the details of when and where the championship of Bucket Sneaking (what?) is taking place. Through the use of some handy-dandy Google translation, here is what we can decipher.

It will be happening in Finland at the Hannunkivi Holiday Village. Registration is at 11am and the festivities carry through to 11:30pm. The rules are basically you need to go through an obstacle course as quickly as possible while spilling as little water as possible. Every deciliter spilt results in 5 seconds being added onto the final time.



So, sneaking is kind of a weird word for this, right? Doesn’t it kind of sound like some sort of free-for-all forest excursion where you need to get from Point A to Point B without being seen? It’s kind of hard to be “sneaky” with cameras filming every move you make. Whatever, I still want to see who the sneakiest bucket sneaker is.

Next stop, the Olympics.

(H/T r/sports)