Ever since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers debuted their current uniform in 2014, feedback has been, um, mixed. (The calculator numbers. THE CALCULATOR NUMBERS.)

Now, their soft-orange creamsicle jerseys from when the Bucs originally joined the NFL in 1976? Indisputable classics. With all due respect to the Los Angeles Chargers’ terrific powder blue threads, pastels don’t get nearly enough play across the NFL.

Well, now that the Buccaneers have appeared to win the Tom Brady sweepstakes, there’s about to be a renewed focus of the Bucs’ design choices. This is going to be the first time that we’ll see Brady in a uniform other than Patriots navy, and everyone wants to see the Bucs come correct.

You feeling this?



Thoughts on Brady's fit in Tampa Bay? 👀

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Yeah... it seems like by broad consensus, everyone wants the creamsicle threads back for Brady’s arrival in Florida.

Somebody even pulled it up in Madden to see what it would look like. (And by the way, the Bucs had previously announced plans to reveal new uniforms in April. Speculate away!)