Last month, a Conor McGregor lookalike hit the streets in Los Angeles and tricked a lot of people into thinking he was the real deal.


So, guys, what do you think about prank?😎 ------------ Ну что, друзья, как вам пранк?😎

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True McGregor fans can see right through his act and know he’s not the real deal, but a lot of people have fallen for the prank and truly believe that it’s him.  

This week Islam Badurgov was at it again, only this time he hit up the streets of New York, where he managed to make people lose their minds thinking he was The Notorious One.

(Warning: Video contains some NSFW language)

People were running down the street and bombarding his car just to get a sneak peak of the man inside the car, but what theyt didn’t know while all of this was happening was that he’s just a lookalike.


New York will never forget us.. 📸

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(H/T YouTube/Islam Badurgov)