The word “playoffs” triggers a wave of emotion when spoken to fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Hope. Despair. Fear.

It’s been a tough go for the Leafs since their last Stanley Cup championship in 1967, but particularly in the last 18 years where they’ve failed to even win a playoff series. We wanted to see how the Leafs were doing emotionally, so we went to the place where they run the most wild.

Maple Leaf Square.

Our own Jeff Hall wandered around the Square and asked Leafs fans a series of seven questions. They are as follows…


  1. Who will lead the Leafs in points this postseason?
  2. How far will the Leafs make it?
  3. Who will be the most disappointing Leafs player?
  4. Who are you most excited to watch?
  5. Which Leafs player would have the craziest Cup celebration if they were to win it all?
  6. Would the Leafs parade be bigger or smaller than the Raps legendary parade?
  7. Who would you rather share a soup dinner with; Jack Campbell or known soup lover Ilya Mikheyev?


Okay, so they weren’t all about playoffs, but you get the gist.



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