Brooks Koepka has been on the PGA tour for a few years now, but until this weekend at the US Open the American golfer had never really landed in the mainstream sports media spotlight.

Sunday, Koepka captured his first major championship, winning the U.S. Open with a record-tying final score of 16-under par, putting the cherry on top of his breakout weekend. Unfortunately for rising stars living in the Information age, people enjoy digging up dirt on them, and the first place they look is on Twitter. As Koepka finished up his final round, people on Twitter started to share a number of old tweets from the golfer's account that featured some not so nice (and incorrect) predictions about where LeBron James career was headed.

LeBron was quite an unpopular figure during his days with the Miami Heat, and it looks like Koepka was definitely not Team LeBron during that time. Honestly, the only thing Koepka is guilty of here is being a vocal sports fan, and to his credit, he recognized LeBron's greatness when the King finally captured a title.

H/T: FTW USA Today