It has not been LeBron James’ finest year by any means. In a league-altering offseason move, LeBron decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers where he was hoping to lead the iconic Purple and Gold out of the league basement.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case. To make matters worse, there are all kinds of rumours swirling to do with his relationship with teammates, particularly following his failed Anthony Davis recruitment which basically threw the entire young Lakers core up onto the trade block.

Now LeBron is on the outside looking in, with a trip to the playoffs becoming razor thin, let alone an extension of his 8-Finals in a row streak. Overall, it’s just been a tough year.

If there is one thing that could certainly be a silver lining to the Lakers organization and the fans, it’s that IT IS STILL LEBRON JAMES. THE LAKERS STILL HAVE ONE OF THE ALL-TIME GREATS SUITING UP FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS.

Sorry for the Caps lock, but it felt like shouting was necessary given all the noise that seems to forget how good of a player LeBron is. Recently, Jeff Van Gundy dropped a hot take that really shook up the basketball world.

Is it time to trade LeBron?



As a reader, you should immediately feel one way or another about this. Some believe that yes, the LeBron project is not working out, maybe he’s past his prime, and the chemistry is off. It’s time to maximize assets in order to hopefully land another huge name (such as Kevin Durant) down the line.

Others are shouting at the computer screen “WHY THE HECK WOULD THEY TRADE LEBRON”. Over all, LBJ is still performing at a very high level. Sure, there may be a bit of a chemistry imbalance, but there will always be some sort of ruffled feathers when a team isn’t winning. That is no reason to have a knee jerk reaction and trade one of the greatest ever. Especially after all the hoopla to get him in the first place.

We’ll just let the fans do the talking…



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(H/T ESPN Broadcast)