It appears as if NBA players were in a fighting mood yesterday, as on more than one occasion a game ended in a near fight that carried on off the court.

The first was between Kyle Lowry and Ben Simmons, but the bigger event ended up in Los Angeles between the Rockets and Clippers. There were several rumours swirling around about this, including several people saying that Chris Paul and James Harden got in a fight (Which is false), then there were the mentions of Paul leading the Rockets down a secret passage (?) to confront Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin.

That last one was the closest to the truth, although we’re not sure how “secret” the passageway was. As usual, Woj had the scoop:

Between some history of Paul and the Clippers and all of the secret passageway rumours, the internet had an absolute field day with jokes (Including Blake Griffin himself):

If you missed the Raptors scuffle, we had some fun with that one as well.



#KyleLowry & #BenSimmons got into it after getting ejected 👀

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