The Vegas Golden Knights have a lot of firsts coming this year, but with their first preseason home game happening people got a taste of what a game in Vegas will really be like.

One of the most unique aspects of any home barn is the goal song and horn, and Vegas is testing out some different options. Judging by their tweets, they’ll likely be testing a couple different ones during the preseason to gauge fan opinion and so far, option number 1 has been received with a hard pass.

They tweeted out a video of the combo, and if you can’t hear the song, it’s Gold on the Ceiling by the Black Keys.

The horn is a kind of a low-grumbling horn, and most people seem to want something a little more exciting (Plus, many think it sounds like San Jose’s goal horn).

Plus, the goal song has already been used by more than one team. Before the Canucks switched to used personalized goal songs for different players, they used Gold on the Ceiling in their 2013-14 season. The Predators also currently use it as one of several goal song options. So, fans weren’t thrilled with the first option, instead suggesting other Vegas-themed songs.

If they’re looking for recommendations that aren’t Vegas related – the greatest goal song of all time is still available. Nothing will ever top the Hartford Whalers’ Brass Bonanza.