Aaron Rodgers is a man of the people and he wants the people to be loud.

To do that, he has a couple of ideas and we’re pretty sure one of them would work very well. Rodgers apparently has a desire to get the Green Bay crowd a little rowdier. It makes sense because maybe more than any other sport, the noise at football games can provide a distinct advantage to the home team.

So, Rodgers joked to Pro Football Talk that maybe they should just cut beer prices a little.

Of course, lower beer prices would mean that people are more likely to have a couple more drinks and the cheering might be a little louder.

Even if that doesn’t work, it might work purely on the fact that the fans will just be so happy to have some cheaper beer that they’ll cheer that much louder – especially when Rodgers is slinging the rock. Just think, he could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, save his fans some money, win celebrity jeopardy… just about the only thing he can’t do is actually chug the beer that he’s saving people money on.