For the third time in the last six years, Finland captured gold at the World Juniors and this time around, they won the tournament in North America for the first time ever.

Finland defeated a couple of hockey powerhouses in thrilling fashion on their way to winning gold (Canada in the quarters in OT, USA in the final in the final minutes) and that made the victory even more significant.

For Finland's head coach Jussi Ahokas, winning gold was an incredible accomplishment, but there something even better that happened to him and it had nothing to do with the tournament.  On the night of Finland's win over Canada, Ahokas' son was born and on Monday, he met his son at the airport for the first time on live television.


If that doesn't give you all the feels, nothing will.  Winning gold is great, but that moment right there is what life is all about.  Congrats to Ahokas, his wife, and his entire family on the birth of their son!
(H/T: /r/hockey)