When you think about hockey songs, the first one that comes to mind is obviously ‘the Hockey Song’ by Stompin' Tom Connors. Duh.

Now that we’ve got that one out of the way, because it’s called the Hockey Song and is obviously the most 'hockey' of them all, there are definitely other songs that sit right up there with this one. We know that every hockey player and fan probably has a different opinion on which hockey songs are truly considered hockey songs, but there are definitely more than a few classic tunes that can ignite any given hockey arena, no matter the circumstances on the ice.

In the spirit of really, really missing full crowds and packed arenas, here are five of our absolute favourite hockey songs that could fire up even the quietest of crowds.


Queen – We Will Rock You

Okay, we’re not sure if this is too specific, but did anyone else’s minor hockey team bang the butts of their sticks on the boards and slap their blades on the ice before games to the tune of this song to intimidate the other team? Anyone? Just us?

Whatever the case, this will always be a hockey classic.



Avicii  - Levels

We’re well aware this isn’t an old classic, but there’s no denying that this tune has become associated with getting jacked up before a hockey game since its release. How could it not fire you up a bit?



ACDC – Thunderstruck

This one speaks for itself. If you ever need to wake us up from a coma, simply play this song and we’ll pop right up around the second or third ‘THUNDA’.



Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle

If we were to introduce someone to hockey that wasn’t at all familiar with the game with a slideshow, the final slide of the presentation would simply read ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ with a compilation of crazy hockey clips to go with it. Somehow, this tune just fits. It really is a jungle out there on the ice.




Darude – Sandstorm

If you went to a hockey game and didn’t hear this song, did you even go to a hockey game? This one has worked its way into every in-game DJ’s playlist, and we’re just fine with it.




Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know @BarDown!