The Stanley Cup Finals moved to Tampa Bay for Game 3 on Monday and Game 4 on Wednesday. Luckily for us, we have our own eyes and ears down south to experience it all!

Luca Celebre is representing BarDown at the Finals this year and gets all the behind-the-scenes views that come along with it.


Every NHL arena is unique in it’s own way and Luca found five things inside Amalie Arena that makes it so special.

1. The Trophy Case

Amalia holds replica’s of EVERY (yes, even Stanley cups) trophy that the franchise has ever won

2. The Arena's Good Luck Charm

A giant hollow Lightning bolt that’s filled with donated items that fans consider to be lucky.

3. The Lightning Hero’s Collection

31 of the most significant and meaningful players in Bolts history.

4. The Art Work

From detailed drawings to random lego pieces, there's a ton of talent in this section!

5. A Mini Hockey Rink

Why have one rink when you can have two! Must be nice having your own separate rink just for shooting practice.

Check out Luca’s video on Amalie Arena here:


@bardown The Lightning have one of the best arenas in hockey that features a mini rink beside the actual rink. ⚡️👀 @lucacelebre88 ♬ original sound - BarDown

What/s your favourite part about the Bolts’ arena?

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