Losing to a rival in the playoffs is a tough thing to deal with, and it's especially difficult when you feel that you've been hard done by a missed call. Still...fans should never throw their beer cans onto the ice.

Sunday, the Pittsburgh Penguins eliminated the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 6 of their first round matchup, winning 8-5 in an all-out goal fest to advance onwards. The result was pretty much a forgone conclusion with minutes left in the third, which resulted in an ugly scene, as Flyers fans began to toss beer cans onto the ice.



The move was met with an appropriate response from Jake Guentzel, who shook his head in disbelief, Either at the fact that Flyers fans would throw full beer cans onto the ice after paying more than $10 for one, or that he scored four goals in a series deciding game.

No one likes a sore loser, so hockey fans on Twitter didn't hold back in their disdain for the select group of Flyers fans who decided to go ahead an toss beer cans onto the ice.


One of the reasons Flyers fans were so upset at the end of the game was due to a hit by Kris Letang on Sean Couturier that wasn't called by the referees. Moments after the hit, Guentzel ripped home his third goal, giving the Penguins a two goal lead with seven minutes remaining.

Again, losing to a rival is never easy. But that's no excuse for fans to throw debris onto the ice, much less full cans of beer. Shout out to the Flyers fans who stayed and supported their team by applauding instead of being a yahoo, because there were certainly plenty of fans who did that as well.