Philadelphia fans are known for treating opposing players with a little bit extra hostility and Sidney Crosby is public enemy number one for hockey fans.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were in town to take on the Flyers and the Philly fans came through with a truly disrespectful way to make note of Crosby’s attendance. Some Flyers fans decided to print out different photos of Crosby and spread them throughout the urinals in Wells Fargo Center. Fans then proceeded to use these photos as urinal cakes.

It didn’t seem to bother Crosby who once again led (One goal, three assists) his team to a dominate win. The fans were also chanting "Crosby Sucks" throughout the game, which didn't really seem appropriate on that night. Just to add a little salt to the wound, the Penguins decided to share out some information that suggests Crosby is pretty good.

The stunt also seemed to backfire as people began roasting the Flyers with their own joke.