For most people, this week marked the end of the Christmas holidays.  Kids went back to school and adults went back to work and the routine that was disrupted by the holidays started all over again.

Mascots never had their routines disrupted, though, because they were hard at work during the holidays and they're still hard at work, even if their sport is currently in the offseason.

We're thankful mascots are always working hard to entertain because it makes doing the BarDown Mascot Power Rankings each and every week that much easier, and this week was no different.  Before we get to the top ten, though, take a look back at last week's top ten.


Sabretooth had a chance to make more history by becoming the first mascot to be in the top spot for three consecutive weeks.  Unfortunately the Sabres' mascot was ousted by some impressive performances by mascots from across the sports world this week.

10. Sabretooth, Buffalo Sabres (Down 9 spots)

We'll chalk up Sabretooth's fall to fatigue because Buffalo's mascot had a busy holiday season with the World Juniors in town.

Sabretooth ended the tournament with a bang (literally) that was good enough to keep the Sabres' mascot in the top ten.

9. Gnash, Nashville Predators (Up 35 spots)

You have to have a strong presence on social media and in the community to be a great mascot and if last week was any indication, Gnash definitely has both of those.

8. Slapshot, Washington Capitals (Up 51 spots)

Slapshot is heading to another All-Star game because the Capitals' mascot knows how to handle pressure packed situations and respond to adversity on the fly.

For example, when Slapshot broke the drum, Washington's mascot kept on going.

7. Harry The Hornet, Watford (Up 300 spots)

Whenever a Bristol City legend like Scott Murray takes the time to have a dance off with you, you know you're a big deal.

6. Big Al, Alabama Crimson Tide (Up 260 spots)

One of the main principles we live by is winners get rewarded.  Alabama won the National Championship and Big Al was apart of the win, so Big Al gets a spot in the top ten.

Number 6 seemed appropriate considering Nick Saban won his 6th title.

5. Stanley C. Panther, Florida Panthers (Up 123 spots)

Mascots that show off their athletics outside of the sport they're in get bonus points in our book.  Double dutch is difficult, but Stanley makes it look easy.

4. Orbit, Houston Astros (Up 77 spots)

The Astros Caravan kicked off Wednesday and of course Orbit was the star.  Aside from throwing chicken chicken sandwiches to the crowd, Orbit also worked the drive thru.

3. Dubs, Washington University

Washington's adorable Husky mascot officially retired, so we wanted to send Dubs a parting gift for all of his amazing years of service to the university, that gift being a well deserved spot in the top ten.



Happy #NationalDogDay!

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2. Tommy Hawk, Chicago Blackhawks (Up 19 spots)
Tommy Hawk was inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame, and that fact alone is enough to get Chicago's mascot the No. 2 spot.
1. Stuff The Magic Dragon, Orlando Magic (Up 44 spots)
There's a reason why Stuff The Magic Dragon is a back-to-back NBA mascot of the year.  Stuff goes above and beyond every single time and Orlando's mascot puts its body on the line to entertain the masses.