The NHL’s trade deadline is looming and you know what that means… time to predict trades, or at least propose some that make sense, before it’s too late!

And wow, do we ever have a crazy one for you from former NHL player/NHL Network analyst Brian Lawton.

The Devils and Sabres are both sitting in the basement and looking for a fresh start of sorts for next season. So… why don’t both teams shake things up with what would be the craziest trade the league has seen over the past decade? Lawton proposed the teams swap their first overall picks from the last five years with one another and we can’t even imagine what the reaction would be to it. Just take a look:


It’s worth noting that Lawton served as the Tampa Bay Lightning’s president of hockey operations from 2008-10, so the guy has a resume behind him. But this trade… just wild! Fans obviously had some feedback:


Every player involved in the trade oozes with potential but hasn’t quite fully reached it with their respective teams. This would definitely be a lateral move of sorts but hey, you can’t complain about getting a sure-fire number one centre AND potential franchise defenceman if you’re the Devils… right?

What’re your thoughts on this trade?!

(H/T NHL Network)