Washington Capitals centre Nicklas Backstrom is 29-years-old and hails from Gavle, Sweden. Former NHL goalie Niklas Backstrom is 39-years-old and hails from Helsinki, Finland. Despite being 10 years apart and from different places in Europe, you can understand why it was easy for NHL fans to mix the two up whenever the name ‘Nick Backstrom’ was said between 2007-2015.

Although only one of the two is still playing in the NHL, people are still mixing them up.

The former NHL goalie is currently in Montreal taking in the Canadian Grand Prix with former NHL defenceman and fellow countryman Toni Lydman. However, the organizers made a classic mistake and ended up using the wrong headshot on Backstrom’s pass.

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We wonder if he had a tough time getting past security once he showed his ID and they realized it didn’t match the person on the F1 pass. He probably dealt with the confusion a few times during his career, but was probably never handed a pass with the other Backstrom’s face on it.

If there’s one person who understand how the former NHL goalie feels, it’s NASCAR driver Ryan Ellis.


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