It’s that time of year again. The snow is melting and the sun is showing up spelling the end of another winter. Warm summer nights can certainly bring good times, but hockey players know that it’s time to hang up the skates for the year – nothing fun about that.

For some, the break is just for the summer. In no time at all fall will roll around and the team will gather to lace them up once again. For others, like former NHLer Bryan Berard’s nephew, the end of this season means the end of a brotherhood. All the close-knit relationships formed will move on and disperse across different teams, but the memories of this season will remain for much longer.

Berard’s nephew, Brody, summarized what hockey is all about it one incredible, heart-string-pulling speech that has many across the internet reaching for the tissues.


Sports are full of dramatic moments and heartbreaks, but there’s nothing that quite wells you up like a kid overcome with emotion. The genuine feels when sports become larger-than-life in a kid’s life are part of what makes sports so incredible.


(H/T Instagram/Bryan Berard)