This season has been an absolute nightmare for the New York Giants and just when you thought things couldn't get any worse than their 2-9 record, they shocked the football world by benching Eli Manning on Tuesday.

The greatest quarterback in the franchise's history and a guy who's probably going to be in Canton one day won't be starting for the Giants on Sunday when they take on the Oakland Raiders.

Instead, Ben McAdoo is rolling with Geno Smith and if things get really bad, we could see Davis Webb, too.

McAdoo has taken heat for a number of decisions he's made this season, but this decision raised the temperature to an extreme high, and once the news broke, a number of former players and teammates of Manning's stuck up for him while ripping the Giants organization.

Warning: Some tweets contain NSFW language

If you think things can only get better from here, wait until Sunday because with Geno at the helm, things have the potential to be a whole lot worse.
If Manning doesn't player another down of football for the Giants, it's been a pleasure watching him play and hope he finds success somewhere else.
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