Have you ever seen someone online make a joke about putting a certain tweet in the Hall of Fame?

Just like HOF athletes, they’re few and far between, but some people just knock it out of the park with tweets. Maybe it was the perfect diss, maybe it was too funny of a comparison for you to not spit your drink out, maybe it was something wholesome, or maybe it was something inspiring. Whatever the case, we’ve all definitely read a tweet or two that we thought was a hall of famer.

It’s your time to shine if you’re a hall of fame caliber tweeter, because your tweets could actually end up in the Hockey Hall of Fame! 

Today, the Stanley Cup’s twitter account shared out this message:



Whoever made the joke about fans’ names not going in the Hall of Fame is definitely eating their words right now. 

If you’re a fan of the Montreal Canadiens or Tampa Bay Lightning and use the hashtag #StanleyTweets during the Finals, then your tweet could end up enshrined alongside the Cup at the Hall of Fame. Apparently, the Hall of Fame will choose and display up to 52 tweets, so the odds aren't bad! 

(H/T: StanleyCup)